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Our Banana plantation

Our Banana plantation

Our Lime Tree Orchard

Our Lime Tree Orchard

Mango Trees

Mango Trees

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that the fruit and vegetables will be fresh and of the best quality?
We grow a lot of our produce ourselves and we also source from other local farms in our areas. What we can't buy locally we buy from the Brisbane Fruit and Vegetable markets every week. We select the products ourselves, so we select only the best quality products.

What is the minimum order and delivery fee?
The minimum purchase amount of fruit and vegetable orders is $25.00. All orders delivered FREE to the designated delivery areas.

What if I live outside the designated delivery area?
Please phone us to obtain a quote on delivery costs outside the designated area.

When do I have to have my order placed by?
All orders need to be placed by 10pm Tuesdays for delivery on the Friday.

What happens if I order products after 10pm Tuesday?
If your order is placed after 10pm Tuesday, your order will be processed with orders in the following week. All orders will be delivered on a Friday.

What happens if the delivery day of Friday doesn’t suit me?
Please phone us prior to ordering to ask if alternative arrangements can be made.

What if I can’t order the products online, can I do a phone order?
Yes we will take phone orders. Please phone Sharen on 0488 574051. Phone orders need to be placed by 6 pm Tuesday.

How do I get a refund on a product I’m not satisfied with?
Your money can be refunded as a direct credit to your bank account or your money back on your next delivery.

Where is the majority of the produce grown?

We grow a lot of the produce ourselves and we source as much local produce from other farmers around Bundaberg and Childers. What we can't buy or grow locally we buy from the Brisbane markets weekly. We source Australian grown produce wherever possible. Some out of season fruit may come from New Zealand. These producets will be clearly labelled in the shopping cart.